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Eaton Compressor

Eaton Compressor Boasts an A+ BBB Rating

Eaton CompressorEaton Compressor has been providing high-quality compressors and air products for over thirty years. The secret to the longevity of any company is a combination of quality products, excellent customer service, and value pricing. But by remaining especially committed to being a true partner to its clients, Eaton Compressor has achieved something quite out of the ordinary: a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.


Eaton Compressor has been in business for over 35 years and had a file opened for it by the BBB in 1996. Today, Eaton Compressor’s file contains no open claims, and in the past three years the company has only received three inquiries, all of which were closed with complete resolutions.


Eaton Compressor respectfully recognizes that the BBB is a well-known organization that objectively grades businesses on a stringent set of criteria and formulates a rating on the business based on a business’s performance measurement to its criteria, taking such factors into account as customer satisfaction and the quality of products or services.


Eaton Compressor has earned the highest grade possible from the BBB. An A+ is an uncommon badge of honor, only provided to the most trustworthy and high-quality businesses, and one that is hard to maintain over the number of years that Eaton Compressor has maintained the rating. The BBB fields and investigates complaints by consumers who feel that a company has mistreated them, and the findings of those investigations have a large effect on the rating a company receives. Eaton’s A+ is a vote of confidence from this well-known consumer organization.


Eaton Compressor owner Matt Cain has made the following comments while discussing his rating with the BBB: “I feel that our long-standing A+ rating with the BBB is critical to our continued success. In a factory direct business model, we deal directly with our end customer. When potential customers are going through the purchasing decision, they have to evaluate who they are doing business with and how they operate. We feel that prospective customers can look at our A+ BBB rating and have a confident sense of security in the fact that they are not only dealing with a business that operates with honesty and integrity, but also that they will receive top quality service and support.”


Eaton Compressor has maintained this excellent score despite the high criteria that the Better Business Bureau puts in place when awarding rankings. Matt Cain continues, “The BBB certainly has an extensive set of evaluation criteria that go into a company’s rating, but my philosophy has been to keep it simple by focusing on truly taking care of our customers and let everything take care of itself. We feel that our constant commitment to servicing and supporting our customers in every way has been a key reason for our success here at Eaton Compressor for so many years. In the end, we feel that our excellent A+ rating with the BBB reflects that commitment.”


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